Now offering FreeBSD 8.1-RELEASE or OpenBSD 4.7, your choice. OpenBSD 4.8 is coming soon!

This special also applies to Debian and Ubuntu Linux.

768 MB RAM, 20GB Disk, 400GB Bandwidth, for only $20 per month!

For more information and to order, visit us here:

All VPS plans include:

* Bandwidth
o We run our own multi-homed BGP network (AS 25795)
o Fully redundant
o Dedicated IPs
o Native IPv6 network
o IPv6 block (/48)
o Private IPs for inter-VPS communication
o Speed test (Los Angeles): 100mb.bin
o Low prices on bandwidth
* Dedicate resources
o RAM is not over subscribed
o Dedicated CPU resources
o 4-core Intel servers
o Our boxes are lightly loaded
* Operating system
o Full root access
o Reboot capability
o Console access (rescue mode) via VNC
o Both 32-bit and 64-bit kernels available
o Multiple CPUs (SMP) supported
o Compile your own kernel
* Power
o Servers with redundant power supplies
o Servers connected to A/B (primary/redundant) branch circuits running from N+1 UPS bays
* Storage
o RAID 10 disk arrays


Our virtual machines run on Linux KVM/QEMU. KVM/QEMU provides full hardware virtualization and is not a hypervisor like Xen.

Why Us?

To emphasize what is different about us compared with most providers:

* We run our own network, which is fully redundant, with over 30 peers, so latency is better than a lot of guys. Also, if we have a problem with one of our providers, it won't fully take out the network.
* Latency to Asia and Australia is especially good because we have peers that feed us direct routes to those regions.
* We're fully IPv6 ready. Each customer gets an IPv6 block by default.
* We try to keep our boxes lightly loaded, no crowding. As such, RAM is not over-subscribed nor is CPU.
* You can compile your own kernel. Most providers make you use theirs.
* Our servers have redundant power supplies feeding into separate PDUs which in turn feed into different branch circuits. These branch circuits also feed into N+1 UPS bays. Power (or lack there of) should not be a reason a server goes down.
* Our newer servers have RAID 10, for the lowest latency in read/write.
* We spend about $5,000 USD for a production VM box. These aren't cheapies you get off eBay, like some of the more "volume" providers out there. In turn, customers benefit from hardware that performs well and has many more years of life in it.
* We've been doing the service provider dance for 10 years. We know our way around networks, systems, data centers, and coding. This experience helps greatly in building reliable services. We're not new to the game like many other providers you see popping up.