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    Varnish Performance Stats and Tips Thread

    I thought it might be useful for members running the Varnish content accelerator WHM plugin currently under development by UNIXy to have a thread where we can compare notes and exchange tips about using Varnish and the occasional tweak to a customer site to optimize the way it works with Varnish.

    The two busiest domains on my main server are a world famous blog and a popular SMF discussion forum. On the day I installed Varnish the blog had just brought on new staff and merged in a Swedish site so the server load was higher than usual, running 2 to 3 in top.

    I saw my load drop and the sites speed up literally the instant that Varnish was installed and running. Now my load average is just under 1 most of the time and the improvement in page load times is undeniable.

    Varnish Memory Usage:

    332792 Bytes

    Varnish Stats:

    client_drop: 0
    cache_hit: 1105002
    cache_miss: 592169
    backend_unhealthy: 0
    backend_busy: 0
    backend_fail: 0

    It seems like cache hits vs cache misses stay very close to 2:1 every time I look at it.

    I've told Varnish it may use 1GB of my 8GB RAM and the TTL is set to 20 seconds.

    How are you doing with Varnish?
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    I'm using varnish aswell. My ratio looks better tho, 2:1 seems a bit low imo.

    Varnish stats:
    Client connections accepted: 107598843
    Client requests received: 376316924
    Cache hits: 275389948
    Cache hits for pass: 543312
    Cache misses: 1575062
    Total header bytes: 144513636701
    Total body bytes: 3263270821854
    SMA bytes allocated: 11208698994587
    SMA bytes free: 11208492703914
    Client uptime: 1077631
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