Who we are:
A Small Orange is a high-end shared, reseller, VPS, and dedicated web hosting company based in Atlanta, GA that prides itself on providing extraordinary customer service and support to its growing customer base. We're profitable and growing and we're looking for enthusiastic, friendly, and knowledgeable employees to join our growing team that is already 25 people strong. We understand and recognize that, along with our customers, the people on our team are our most valuable asset.

A bit about our technical environment: We have Linux servers running CentOS and use cPanel/WHM as our control panel. We have a mix of shared, reseller, dedicated, and VPS customers ranging in technical ability from complete novice to tech expert.

Who we’re looking for:
At the most basic level, we’re looking for a level 1 or 2 (but we're open to level 3) technical support representative (we call them Technical Support Ninjas) to provide support over email and live chat to our customers. The ideal candidate has superior technical skills, as well as top-notch customer service skills. We’re looking for people people who also happen to know about the technology our customers use.

We are hiring primarily for graveyard shifts and weekends at the moment. The exact days and hours may vary slightly.

For a more complete job description, including a detailed description of the skill set we’re seeking, check out the website linked to in the “How to apply” section below.

What the job is like:
Working at A Small Orange is both fun and engaging. We try to make our company an enjoyable place to work and our working environment reflects that desire. All employees can either work from home or our Atlanta-area office (their choice). We don’t really care where you live, as long as you can work reliably and do a good job.

In addition to the opportunity to work for a successful and growing company, as well as the opportunity to work with smart people and have an interesting job, we offer the things you’d expect from a good job including competitive pay, an extremely comprehensive benefits package, paid time off, a 401k, and more.

You can see a more complete description of what it’s like to work at A Small Orange, and a more detailed listing of our benefits at the website linked to below (starting to see a pattern?).

How to apply:
For more information on what it’s like to work at A Small Orange, a complete job description, and application instructions, please visit: http://asmallorange.com/about/jobs/.

Note: Please be sure to read the application instructions carefully before applying! Candidates who fail to follow the job application process will not be considered.

Note number two: Keep in mind that the openings are for the graveyard shift, which is not for everyone (a lot of people love it, however). Please don’t apply for a job with a shift that sounds like it would be anything less than perfect for you and/or your family. In the long run, working a shift you do not enjoy translates into less than ideal results for everyone.