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    4,552 Amazing 10TB Deal: ATOM D525 + 2GB + 500GB HDD + 10TB $99.95/month

    Greetings WHT! This week we are running a special on our Chicago based ATOM dedicated server.

    To order please contact [email protected].

    Note: This is for new deals only and cannot be used to replace existing commits.

    Dedicated Server Special #1
    Dual Core Atom
    Atom D525 1.8Ghz 1MB Cache
    500 GB SATA II Hard Drive
    Supermicro Rackmount Hardware
    Gigabit Internal Network + VPN
    IPMI/KVM over IP
    Basic Management
    10 GiB Backup Space

    10TB Performance Outbound Bandwidth, Unmetered Inbound Bandwidth (1000 Mbit/sec port)
    - $99.95 per month | Free Setup
    Operating Systems
    CentOS - Free
    Windows 2003/2008 Web - $20 per month
    Windows 2003/2008 Standard - $30 per month
    Windows 2008 Datacenter - $65 per month

    Control Panels
    DirectAdmin - Free
    Interworx (35 Domain License) - Free
    Interworx (Unlimited Domain License) - $10 per month
    Plesk (10 Domain License) - Free
    Plesk (100 Domain License) - $15 per month
    Plesk (Unlimited Domain License) - $30 per month
    Plesk Power Pack - $10 per month
    cPanel - $25 per month

    Our Data Centers:
    Our Network:

    Why Steadfast Networks is the place to be:

    Steadfast Networks operates out of its own state of the art data centers located in downtown Chicago, Illinois (350 E Cermak Rd. Suite 240 and 725 S Wells St. 8th Floor) and in the heart of Manhattan, New York City (121 Varick St. 6th Floor). The data centers offer complete redundancy in power, HVAC, network connectivity, and security. The datacenter facilities sit atop multiple power grids, with full UPS battery backup power and a diesel generators onsite. Our network is supplied by several separate networks including, Level(3), NTT, and nLayer. Dozens more third party backbone providers are available in the building via cross connect, such as MCI, Global Crossing, Abovenet, Qwest, XO Communication, Sprint, Williams, and Cogent. The fiber provided to the data centers is also provided over redundant paths, with diverse entry points and building riser. The data center facilities have been built to meet the high demands and reliability of telecommunications providers and Fortune 500 companies.
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    I am interested in your Atom special what all does basic management cover? All I want to do is load my website and not have to worry about anything! And also how many current IPB users do you think it will support?
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    Basic managed services includes:

    100% Network Uptime
    2 Hour Hardware Replacement SLA
    Adding Additional IPs to the Server
    Updates for Supported Software as Requested
    Repair of Major issues with Pre-Installed Software
    1 Hour System Administration/month
    Ping/Service Monitoring
    24/7 Onsite Personnel
    On-Demand DNS Management
    On-Demand Security Assessment
    On-Demand Antivirus Protection
    No fee for basic OS Reinstall
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