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    The Cheapest VPS with bare min.

    First of all, does a VPS Linux OS be different than a Dedicated Linux OS, meaning in terms of security. I know when I purchase a Dedicated Server, I have to secure it. Would it be the same if I purchase a VPS?

    I'm looking for the Cheapest VPS I can get probably let's say.. $15 max.

    I need the bare min.
    64 mb ram< 512 mb ram
    1 gig hdd < 10 gig hdd
    < B/w does not matter, probably 2 Gig

    What I'm trying to do is actually learn to secure a Linux OS and probably mess with a Cpanel Trial Version

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    Yes, a VPS has to be secured, just like a dedicated server.

    Take a look at A lot of cheap providers there, but just make sure you still do your research.

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    I'd say go with BuyVM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RapidServers_ View Post
    I'd say go with BuyVM.
    Yesterday I saw a thread regarding their 15$ VPS. Seems it is out of stock now.

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    PRGMR is good and cheap.
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    Are you willing to pay yearly? Also, cPanel requires 512 MB RAM or more to run efficiently so keep that in mind.

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    Thanks everyone..


    I prefer to pay Monthly, plus I may only use it for 2 months max at the most. Cpanel, I just want to mess with it, go thru the in and outs of the cpanel. Thanks for heads up..

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    You should check out CleverKite, as they have some really affordable VPSes
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    The cheapest VPS that is on the market currently seems to be the $15/year package from BuyVM. You will not going to find a cheaper VPS anywhere else at the moment even on

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    I should add that the 128MB plan can't run cpanel if that's your ultimate goal. While you have 256MB burst, many of the compilers that cpanel runs through for perl and such will hit that RAM cap trying to install.

    Thanks everyone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by iHubNet-Matt View Post
    Yesterday I saw a thread regarding their 15$ VPS. Seems it is out of stock now.
    Ya they come and go (which is a good thing if they are selling fast). They are great for testing. Just you gotta wait and snag them and hold on to them

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    YardVPS and 123systems also have very cheap under $20/year plans.

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    a vps is not different than a dedicated server the only thing is there are less resources you still have root access and must administrate the server the same although with a vps you must manage your load more carefully or you will be kicked from your provider as vps's server share central cpu resources

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