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    Redirect 80 port to vmware


    I have a windows dedicated server with some websites, and i want to run a vmware with linux inside it, to host a PHP-mySQL site. I know the is a plugin for IIS to run PHP, but in this case i rather not use it. Is there a way to redirect only a domain to the vmware? I don't have access to the router, only to the windows machine and the vmware.


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    You can setup vmware with host only networking and redirect the traffic from IIS (or any other proxy).. Or if you have multiple IPs on that windows machine you can configure vmware network as a bridge to the physical network and assign the ip directly to the Linux guest..

    But I would not recommend using vmware here since you can get much simpler setup just by installing apache+php+mysql stack directly to the windows machine.. IIS and apache work just fine on the same machine, you just need a separate ip for both of them (or you can run them on different ports)..

    - Tero

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