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    Need 2x dedicated sevrers

    I need one dedicated server for production and one that's only accessible via VPN (or a non-public connection) for stage/DR with options for zero-downtime growth. Are there any non-reseller companies out there that can provide both? Are there cloud alternatives that can support this arrangement? Looking to buy immediately. Thanks,
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    Given your private network/VPN requirements, SoftLayer comes to mind.

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    Zero downtime growth is possible but it needs to be architected from the get-go; not as an after thought. I don't know how hands on you are with server management but that's something you'll need. The VPN-only box is something that almost all providers can accommodate.

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    Easily enough done by most providers. Would be interested in hearing about your budget and other requirements.
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    budget and required specs ?

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    Many can provide that, I too am interested to hear budget and specs. On the non public box, are you going to be syncing to it in real time or 1x per day?

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