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    * Go Network Servers - MineCraft Beta Server & Bukkit! - Save 20% OFF - CSPROMOD, L4D2

    MineCraft Beta Is Finally Here!!

    Tired of bad support from other new minecraft companies? Tired of constant lag, unfix problems, and only 1 minecraft server location from a company?
    Look no further! We got you cover here at Go Network Servers as we promise to provide superior gaming networks & the best gaming experiences possible.

    GNS New Game Launch Special - Hurry! Limited Time Offer
    Use Coupon: "NY2011" & Receive 20% OFF Each Month! Don't forget to prepay and additional discounts will stack!

    So what are you waiting for? Sign up Today!


    Don't know what MineCraft is?
    Minecraft is a game about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine. At night monsters come out, make sure to build a shelter before that happens.
    You can buy the game today at
    Play with other million of minecraft gamers in our 4 different server locations! Don't forget to invite your friends and clan members to join the fun!

    Server Pricing
    MineCraft Beta is not priced by slots limit, but the amounts of RAM USAGE. You have total control of the amount of slots you want but we do
    recommend you to not go higher than the aproximative value given for you RAM.

    After coupon: "MCbeta" 15% OFF Monthly
    512MB (Recommend for 6 Slots*) - $12.74
    1GB (Recommend for 15 Slots*) - $21.24
    1.5GB (Recommend for 20 Slots*) - $25.49
    2GB (Recommend for 30 Slots*) - $37.39
    3GB (Recommend for 50 Slots*) - $54.39
    4GB (Recommend for 65 Slots*) - $72.24
    5GB (Recommend for 80 Slots*) - $93.49
    Need More Than 80 Slots? Contact Us


    Our new servers will be more powerful and also including Dual CPU Xeon,
    24GB Rams and 10,000RPM W.D VelociRaptor HDD Raid. Better hardware means better performance for your server!

    So just to remind you all for now:
    CHICAGO, IL - Available - Order Now
    Dallas, TX - Available - Order Now
    Los Angeles, CA - AVAILABLE - ORDER NOW
    Albany, New York - AVAILABLE - ORDER NOW

    Don't Forget To PrePay & Save
    Quarterly: Additional 10% OFF
    Semi-Annual: Additional 15% OFF
    Annually: Additional 20% OFF
    * ( Discounts already applied at checkout ) *

    We have one of the lowest prices available! If we don't, contact us and we will be happy to price match your current provider.


    CLICK HERE TO ORDER MineCraft Beta

    ******New Year 2011 Game Servers Sale:******

    1. Save 20% OFF all Game Servers & Locations -- NY2011

    Use Coupon: "NY2011" checkout & save 20% off all game servers & Locations! This works on all game server orders, specials, and also minecraft beta!

    Whats so special?
    This coupon will STACK and work for any game servers or web hosting packages, and even our game server specials!

    It will also work for minecraft servers, ARMA2, Garry's Mod, and even our 1000FPS!

    Not only that, but the coupon will basically take 20% OFF your ENTIRE TOTAL BILL!
    (Not just 1 server).

    So what are you waiting for?! Start this new year with great servers from Go Network Servers.

    2.Buy 3 Months & Get 1 Extra Month Free on Us!

    Buy any game servers or specials for 3 months and get the 4th month free! Please note that coupons will be able to combine with this offer. However, this will not work on voice servers.

    To get this deal, please order your game server with us as quarterly, and after the completion of payment we will be adding an additional month for free! This deal excludes Mine Craft Beta, ARMA2, Garry's Mod or any voice servers and dedicated.

    Coupon will not work on all specials, voice servers, dedicated servers. Here at Go Network Servers we strive to provide professional quality gaming server and we don't overload our servers to provide you the best gaming experience possible. We do not do price adjustments for current service orders. We don't do price adjustments because we would be price adjusting customers bills each time and each week if we have specials and that would be unacceptable. In addition, we do not let clients flip. If a client purchases a new server and then cancel his/her existing server at a higher price, the new server will be adjusted to that price. This policy is in place to continue to provide clients with the highest level of service available. COUPONS DO NOT STACK WITH PREPAY TERMS OFFERS!

    If you are uncertain and have a specific question, please contact us at [email protected] or speak to us on live chat regarding to your question.

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    Just wanted to give you an update that we have all availability on our locations!

    Order Today! Don't forget to use "NY2011" & Save 20% OFF the 95 games/mods we provide!

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    Go Network Server's Status Update: 2/22/2011

    As of this time we do apologize but, we are currently full in our Albany, New York Location!
    We are looking to put up another server soon in our New York location so please stay tuned!

    Order Today!

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