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    cPanel apache handler, SuExec, SuPHP, CGI etc etc.

    I am looking into configuring the Apache handler. After some reading I am more confused than I was before I started!

    I was looking into setting the Apache handler as SuPHP and enabling suEXEC.

    I am worried that if I choose this root am I going to end up creating multiple php.ini files for clients.

    I have seen various posts on forums about file and folder permissions and how they can be incorrect. Also that sometimes there are issues with http 500 errors.

    I am commissioning a new server so I would rather make the right choice now than change later and potentially create more work for myself.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    Why would you need multiple php.ini files?
    You should be able to avoid any errors by making sure that your files aren't world writable. This usually only happens when clients make their files world writable and then LATER the server is switched to suphp.
    I'd go with suphp, it keeps things simpler for customers as they don't have to worry about permissions as much.
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