Our name says it all. A dedicated server from Quality Servers represents the best in performance and flexibility, combining brand name hardware in top UK data centres with free basic management and complete customisability (see the order form). We aim to set up dedicated servers as quickly as we can, and always within 24 hours. A dedicated server is the final step up from shared and virtual private hosting and is suitable for the most demanding web applications. Where possible, we have made available ECC registered RAM to allow for multiple bit error correction, and RAID and backup options to guarantee your server's security. More

Dual Xeon 5310 16GB RAID10 VPS Node (1 Available)
2x Intel Xeon 5310 Quad Core 1.6GHz
4x 500GB SATA RAID10
2TB Bandwidth
160 per month
Order: https://www.quickvps.co.uk/cp/cart.p...ervers&pid=114

We only have 1, so hurry!


FREE Basic Mangagement
Backup space from 3.50 per month
25.00 per month for cPanel

If you have questions, please contact us and we'll be glad to help.