Data loss is an inconvenient inevitability and can hit your business extremely hard. To combat this, backup space from Quality Servers offers an extremely affordable and flexible solution.

When you purchase backup space from Quality Servers, you receive a login to our backup server. With this, you can manage your files on the backup server using FTP, cPanel and SSH. This allows you to set automated backups on your cPanel/Plesk/DirectAdmin VPS, or using Linux Shell, employ any of the following technologies to perform advanced backups:

- rSync, rSnapshot and rDiff-backups,
- cron jobs for scheduled "pull" backups,
- SSH keys for secure, password-less access,
- FTP, SCP and SFTP,
- duplicity and GPG for encrypted backups,
- Samba mounts.

Our backup servers are located in the QualityTech DC in Georgia, USA for redundancy and feature dual parity RAID6. Instant setup means you can order now and get protected straight away. If you have a VPS with us, you are welcome to have us setup backups for you on your new Quality Servers backup space.

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