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Thread: voip dailer

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    voip dailer

    Hi all,

    Does anybody tell me how we can develop a voip dallier?
    What all things we should know ?
    Does it involves a lots of hardware?

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    What do you mean by a voip dialer? A peice of software like a soft phone?
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    Voip dallier is a piece of software ..
    There are two types of dialers..

    One for PC and another for mobile..

    We can install it and can start calling..
    But to make call user have to buy card numbers..

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    Hey Webexperts.

    OK if I understand you correctly you are wanting a system that generates a calling card number after a client buys a certain amount of credits from lets say your store.

    Which then in return the customer/client would have a prepaid balance to use. Also I am guessing you would need a way to track the times in which the client/customer have been using thus they would then need to buy more credits...

    Am I understanding you on this...?

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