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    Looking for a Trusted Expert Server Admin

    Hello, I am having high load problem with my server, l need some professional who will lower my load average.
    I will pay 25$ but l want total garantee that page load wont go too high again within a month....

    I was having this page load average 2 month ago, l paid a people here to optimize my server, he lowered till 2. s but after l month I left his service and after 15 days site started giwing errors, I lost one of my sites traffic. and strange things happening..
    I am curiouse something being happen but l cant realise.

    Please l select will investigate my server and optimize for best ( page load average...

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    It will be hard for someone to guarantee that your server won't go up in load. What if your application database queries are not very optimized, and traffic goes up over time? There are many factors..

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    $25 doesn't cover an hour of an 'expert admin's' time. Nor would you be guaranteed anything. If your project is only worth paying $25 to optimize & get loading quickly, cancel it while you're still ahead.
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    The problem with server optimization is, it takes a lot of time to do correctly. Most people charging $25 dollars will take a my.cnf configuration they found on the internet and apply it to your server and hope it works.

    If your application has bad code or queries, there is almost nothing that can be done ON the server to fix that in most cases.

    Even after your server is optimized, it is not unlikely to be at a high load situation a month later.

    A faster, more efficient working site usually draws more traffic which will raise your server load once again.

    There comes a time where you simply need a better server.
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    In short your server hardware should be strong enough to cope up with the type of applications that you want to run on it. You can't simply rely on someone to fix issues such as high loads by doing a one time optimization, it's a continuous totally dependent on the resources that are being used all the time.

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    What are you running on the server? Do you have a proxy cache installed? What is monthly bandwidth consumption of you site and its rate of increase? What are the resources that you have the on the server cpu, ram,? There are a lot of factors that come into play that would determine the server load.
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    Post Hello

    You have use bye mysql server is great server open your site ..

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    What OS? Hardware?

    See my PM,


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