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    Talking Multi site automation

    I've about 30 domains. The majority run wordpress under windows. I use a reseller account and access each domain individually via ftp. I use plesk as a control panel.

    It's turning into a right pain when it comes to adding a new domain.
    I loginto the control panel.
    Manually add the domain.
    Then open my ftp software and add the account details.
    Then ftp to the new account and upload wordpress.*
    Then login into phpmyadmin and create a wordpress database.
    Then finally start configuring the site.
    Then goto google analytics and add the site.

    When I want to add 3 domains in one go I have to do the above for each domain.There must be a easier way! I use a skeleton directory which automates the wordpress uploading.

    What I want to do is somehow click one button which adds the domain to my hosting, adds a new site in my ftp client and creates a database.

    Anyone got any ideas? What do big domain players do in such circumstances?

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    You could write a script that would do all that for you but that's more trouble than it's probably worth.

    I would say set up Softaculous to use for the installations, or use WordPress multisite with the domain mapping plugin if you only need blogs.
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    MAny thanks.

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