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    Looking for small VPS


    I am in need of small testing enviroment so I would need something like this:

    -Price no more than ~5 pounds / ~6 Euros
    -Must support Debian Squeeze with somekind of panel where I can do OS reloads without contacting support
    -One IP address
    -Idealy 256MB of ram but I think 128MB would do well
    -No more than 5GB of disk space
    -Tiny amount of bandwidth (~10GB or less per month)
    -Must be in UK or NL
    -I would prefer companies with 5+ years in hosting bussines


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    Are those actually all requirements or just wish list? I suggest prioritizing because you've got an awfully narrow window there.

    The closest I can give you is Evorack. You can try asking them to limit you to 5GB/10GB bw, and they don't have SolusVM yet.

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    That's alot for your budget if you want a quality host. The only good provider I can think of in your price range would be PRGMR, but they're in the US. They do support OS reloads, but it's through an off band console, not a web interface.
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    I'd try It's ran by one of the staff of WHT, and they have some very very very good services.

    Best I've found so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aaronn View Post
    I'd try It's ran by one of the staff of WHT, and they have some very very very good services.

    Best I've found so far.
    Poke whomever that is because their website is down

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    57, their parent company (pcsmarthosting) has been around since 2006.

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    you can look at or, there provide custom vps plan.
    you can configure your needs, except the location you mentioned

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    thanks for recommendation, but we don't offer neither UK nor NL VPS at this moment. :: Cloud Hosting Reliable Xen VPS :: Serving Customer From More Than 40 Countries.
    Hosting Services Available in the USA ● Germany ● Malaysia ● Singapore and Hong Kong

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    It seems to me it's impossible to have a good VPS at such a low price.

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    There are many web hosts out there and I'd recommend you to choose reliable one. can recommend you to check hostrail vps hosting deals as they look to be affordable and I run my web site efficiently with them. think it will help you.

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    I think inmotion vps is the best their VPS Plans Starting at $39.95/mo and its main feature is 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.
    All of InMotion Hosting's VPS accounts also include a full license to the award winning control panel CPanel for FREE!

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