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    Domain Name Disputes Process (Help Needed)

    On 02/10/2010 I sold a web-site, domain name, and all content and advertising to Eric Keller for the sum Of $11, 000.00 to be paid in a wire transfer of $9500.00 and $1500.00 to be sent via overnite. I received an Incoming Wire Transfer Notice,
    See Attached, I figured everything was on the up and up. When I had not received it by today, (02/14/2010) I called Citi Bank Wire Dept. Their reply was;

    1. They have no banks in Oklahoma, let alone in Stillwater.
    2. His so called account number is bogus.
    I did forward the e-mail to their fraud department at their request.

    The domain was pushed to him after I thought it was a legitimate wire transfer. Called GoDaddy and they said they couldn't help because I didn't go threw them with the sale. I have everything but the domain. Site was earning 2K a month.

    The reason for my selling the site, domain, etc, is because my wife had a radical mastectomy and is under going chemo.
    I needed the money for payments on her treatments. We have no insurance. He knew all this as well as me being
    disabled. I'm 64, wife 58, so working is not an option.

    Click for more Info

    I need help getting domain back!!

    Fraud Image
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    If you can still recover your website FTP then please be quick to back it up. And delete the everything from the server.Maybe stick a robots.txt file to get it de-listed from the search engines.If you are sucessfull in deleting all the robot.txt from google then after six month you can be successful in getting back your domain.

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    Sad sad story. Use if you have another chance

    That is a very sad story. Especially your wife's disease. My wife's best friend is a Breast Cancer survivor.

    Hindsight is 20-20. In retrospect, you should have used the Escrow service of They are located in California and they are the recommended Escrow service of Ebay.

    If you get the domain back, and if you have another opportunity to sell it, to someone who is not scamming you, pay for their service, to handle the transaction safely for you. Maybe split their fee 50-50, with the purchaser. It is a protection for both parties.

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    Contact the police or FBI (they investigate Internet & white-collar fraud).. and/or take him to court.

    FBI- How to Report Fraud

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