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Thread: DDOS Protection

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    DDOS Protection

    I'm looking for pretty much the best type available, The host I have for my server already states they already have Cisco Guard but when my server recently got DDOS attacked it simply flopped and went down like a sack of potatoes.

    So I'm wondering if theres any server side (software wise) to reduce/stop these attack, But as im looking to move to dedicated next month also does anyone have any suggestions of what would be best for that as well?

    Most cost efficient suggestions would be awesome,


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    DDoS protection is NOT cheap. What you need to do is look at hosting providers that are protected by a TopLayer Anti-DDoS firewall, or anyone that's partnered with RioRey ( or pick up a RioRey plan on your own.

    Again, these are NOT cheap solutions, though most are fairly effective.

    Good luck!
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    Try GigeNet , Staminus , ServerOrigin . HTTP ddos protection is totally different. Regardless how good or best firewall you have it wont stop it. RIOREY or Arbor wont stop low level http attacks
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    It depends on what type of DDoS is it...
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    Switch to nginx because Apache can die from excessive connections. I've seen a few users with a DSL connection drop a dedicated server's Apache webserver then look at DDoS protection

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    Quote Originally Posted by server4sale View Post
    Try GigeNet , Staminus , ServerOrigin . HTTP ddos protection is totally different. Regardless how good or best firewall you have it wont stop it. RIOREY or Arbor wont stop low level http attacks
    Thanks for the recommendation. I also agree, there really isn't an appliance-based solution that will be optimal for all attacks. RioRey/Arbor both have a lot of limitations (Costly drawbacks). In my opinion, the best return on investment when purchasing mitigation is to purchase it as a service or appliance + service solution.

    You can buy the shiniest, most expensive, and complex solution but if there is lack of expertise in the management of the solution or lack of bandwidth to feed it, then it's just a really expensive box of lights.
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    As server4sale said, gigenet DDOS protection is good. Try them, I am sure they will please you.

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    Thanks everyone for the suggestions, greatly appreciated!

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    We use a RioRey device in our rack and we find it to be quite good at filtering out attacks It's a fairly nifty piece of kit!

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    Appliances are certainly nifty. They are virtually "drop-in" solutions. The problem is that attacks are constantly evolving and the appliances are not. Often times, you'll find that the cost of hardware ownership, colocation of gear, leasing of bandwidth, and management of aforementioned infrastructure will far exceed the cost associated with having a mitigation company provide you a turn-key solution.

    For example, you may be able to thwart your attacks with some minor server-side performance improvements, or possibly some assistance from your current hosting provider. These will naturally be far cheaper than a installing a hardware mitigation platform that may not even perform at the level you need it to perform.

    Good luck in your search!
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    Directspace offers DDOS protection.

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    if you are bored of HTTP flood - block it by this script:

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