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    is not want to use their service?

    Guys i have signed up for an account in
    they asked for some documents, but after i asked 2 question i got an email that my account has been suspended.
    I thought that is because documents and i have send to them my university ID card, my bank account ID card, and my mastercard as document, but for this email they are not answering i have forwarded again the email include these documents but still no reply.
    I wonder are they not want even to create account?
    Or this is because iam from Afghanistan?
    Or anything else anyone has any idea?
    will i be able to restore my account and will will at least let me to use their service?

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    Check over their ToS, your country 'Afghanistan', might well be banend from signing up.

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    Your country is pretty much blacklisted everywhere in terms of online payments.
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    I really hope that they not let registeration, but afghanistan isnt the old one, i already asked this from them.
    And no restriction in their TOS.
    ---------- Original Message ----------
    From: [email protected]
    To: EntroPay Support
    <[email protected]>
    Subject: info
    Do i able to register in entropay from
    If can so why i cant access to my account?
    Look for their reply.
    Subject: RE: info
    Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2011 00:49:07 -0800
    we do accept customers from Afghanistan,
    however your account has been reviewed
    and we have decided not to allow it to
    continue. We have sent you an email
    regarding this.
    Kind Regards
    EntroPay Security Team
    But what is wrong only after registeration they suspended my account actually from who i should ask why this happened?

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