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    Any benefit of using Premium DNS?

    My VPS has nameservers that work fine.
    Can you see any real benefit (e.g reduced server load) of using a premium DNS service?
    The features given include: "Managed unlimited domains, Unlimited records, Secure your domains with DNSSEC, Secondary DNS, Reliable, fast Anycast Global Network "
    I'm not sure if there is any real benefit. Would any of these features persuade you to buy this product?
    Thanks in advance

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    The "premium" part is marketing more than anything, but the real benefits of off-server dns are redundancy and speed via locality. If you host things like email or other sites not into the vps, you could still resolve them in the event the server went down. If you have clients in other regions of the world, local dns servers help speed up name resolution.
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    Great reply, thanks for the info. Foe the minimal cost it appears it would make sense to use this service.

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    Hosting your DNS independent from web & mail services -- combined with good backups -- also gives you flexibility in case your hosting service goes down.

    For example, you're hosting an important website...

    1. At your third-party DNS provider, set a low TTL (time to live) for the domain. I'd suggest a lowest setting of 600 (seconds), else some DNS mirrors might ignore it and substitute their own TTL -- like 12 hours, defeating your objective.

    Your web hosting service goes down. You communicate with them and decide it could be a long outage and you need to do something now. So you...

    2. Restore the latest backup to a new web hosting service;

    3. Log in to your third-party DNS provider and change A records for the domain;

    4. Within the TTL, you're back in business with a fully functioning site.

    If you had DNS for the domain hosted on the same server as the website, you'd have to first provide alternative DNS hosting, and then log into the domain registrar and change DNS servers. Propagation of that change would typically take 12-24 hours.

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    The other advantage of having at least one of your name servers hosted on another server is email delivery. If the name servers are down as well as your sites, the email gets bounced back. You have to rely on a customer taking the trouble to retry the email. And if they try a few times before your server (and the two name servers) come back up, then they may give up.

    But, if one of the name servers can be found, then the sender knows the server exists, but is just offline. The email usually gets queued by the sender for a retry later, automatically. It is delayed, but not bounced.

    I just changed to using an inexpensive VPS as a domain name server. Now, my "ns1" is on my main VPS, but my "ns2" name server is hosted on a separate VPS. cPanel has a free product called cPanel DNSONLY that syncs the two VPS and copies the zone files between them.

    I had a hard time getting my head around just how to set this up, so there's a long thread here: where you can see just how dense I was! But with a lot of help from the community, I got it up and running.

    The premium DNS services would end up costing more, and my understanding is they require set up of each individual domain to work. I don't really want to go through that as I add customers each month and have some close their sites or move on once or twice a year.

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    Thank you both very much. That's just what I needed!

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    An external DNS service is pretty important if you care about uptime. I've had a number of cases where my backup DNS server, I thought was configured correctly, but only found out it wasn't when the primary dns server's network went offline. About half my servers were off for network reasons, but the other half were useless as well because nobody could resolve my sites.

    As others have said, this can affect email deliverability too. Even if you host your email with google, if your DNS is down, those emails are not necessarily going to get through. In cases where a server is down, the last thing you want is your email to be down as well, as you'll have a hard time resolving the downtime if you can't load your email, or send / receive emails.

    Then of course the speed. You can easily improve site loading performance by using an anycast dns provider. Given that it's generally not a very expensive service, it's well worth it for all of the above reasons.
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    And another benefit of having your DNS on a third party proffesional DNS service is DDoS protection.
    If your site is of the kind that attacts a lot of DDoS, it is would be much harder for an attacker to bring down the third party anycasted DNS servers.

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    Speed is a big plus as mentioned over and simple redundancy. For example, DME has 60 nameservers around the world. This is a ton of redundancy but it also makes for speedy DNS resolution with AnyCast.

    The other option is simply get a ddos protected VPS and configure DNS externally if you just need secondary DNS with protection and redundancy.
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    There's also the DNS failover option, which (while not perfect) has been a lifesaver for me, providing a means to maintain web communication with customers during outages. You have to maintain another site, but the complexity of the backup site is limited only by budget and imagination (anything from a cheap shared host with a "technical difficulties" page to an exact duplicate of your main server with database replication at another location).

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