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    * 2 Happy Years with MellowHost

    Before beginning, currently, I'm leaving them, but not because it was a bad service, nor support issues or server problems, I just call it "an upgrade" , I bought my own equipment and I'm just migrating to a dedicated platform

    Two years:
    It was a Master Reseller account.

    I was hosted on a very reliable server, a Softlayer node, which had almost never downtimes (I think ~3 hours or so maximum in the whole period I was with them) and if there was any issue, I just was not noticed about it / was fixed very quickly / or was a maintenance task previously announced.

    My experience with them was quite good, the support was amazingly fast and informative, I'm not sure if they outsourced it (anyway I didn't use it much for difficult tasks.. but most for general concerns about the service), as I just know two recurrent staff members: Insan and Halder, these two wonderful people, I'm very very grateful to them.

    And the main fact was that MellowHost was my first host ever!, and it was a very pleasant experience!

    I highly recommend them, they are very prepared and friendly team, I only used one server, but it always worked fine, as far I remember I ran 2 busy sites (among several other shared accounts), a Wordpress blog and a Joomla site, both very well ranked in Google and with many visits a day, and never had issues with them. Lately they upgraded the server, adding a better processor (I don't remember its exact reference... 8 cores in total, so its a quadcore 4 physical 4 logical) and more RAM as I can see, the performance anyways was always good.

    Cheap not always means bad, two years ago everybody would say "wow, that's such an unreliable and unprofessional hosting, because its extremely cheap" but I had some chats with them, the pre-sales was smooth and fast, and finally decided to go with them, and since these two years I have tried A LOT of companies, even Hostgator, but never liked another one more than them... MH was always there as my first option and marked with the * in WHMCS, as the default server (hehe)...

    But now I am immersed in new projects, developing new applications (actually my main job..) (A SIS platform) and I will need dedicated solutions, which I would buy from MH without hesitation!, but they don't offer them yet, and it doesn't matter, if someone asks me about a reliable hosting, I will say MH first, always, then EZPZ and InnoHosting (both excellent) hehe... but for me, MellowHost just rocks in a simple way...

    I know this was such a "sentimental" or "dramatic" review hehe, but this is because I never had technical issues with them!.. so what else could I say? ...

    After these two years they deserve even more than a simple review ;P.. Tonight I will start migrating and soon cancelling my account, its going to be sad to say goodbye, I mean: Its the first web hosting I ever had! .. I will miss you guys and if God wants, I will be back!..

    So that's it, in summary: 10/10 (Support, Performance, Features, Price...)...

    - Do you recommend them?: YES, absolutely!.
    - Average support time response: Almost instantly, maybe from 5min to 25-35 min.
    - Any special issue with them?: Nope, never in 2 years,

    I guess they should improve in features, and communication tools, their forum is almost always with some spam posts, etc.. as well as improving their internal tools like the "firewall unblocking tool" which is now very common on several providers, they don't provide it, for example.


    PD: To the Mods, I would be glad to report a domain, however currently no site is pointing to the server, but I am willing to provide with any detailed information you need (Images, even creating a "WHT" cpanel account on my WHM hehe, etc...), or just temporary point a domain to the server and provide with its details.. So just let me know what you want me to do in order validate this review

    Btw, I'd like to know, how much would you rate my English?.. I actually have never spoke it before.. 2/10? hehe..

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    Thanks for the review!
    Sorry to hear that you're leaving them.

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    Not quite 2 years yet

    10/03/09 - We are not yet in March, but I can take it's a good review.

    Glad to see Mellow Host has managed to serve you well over this period of time.
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    I visited MellowHost and I can see that they don't offer Master Reseller Hosting anymore?

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    It is a nice read mate. Thanks for the review.
    Btw, I'd like to know, how much would you rate my English?.. I actually have never spoke it before.. 2/10? hehe..
    It wouldn't be justifiable if I give you 2. You deserve much more than that for sure.
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    review is interesting, but you are leaving them not good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by no69_2007 View Post
    review is interesting, but you are leaving them not good.
    He has a very genuine reason for leaving them, he had explained it clearly in his review
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    Their support is awesome, I used them over 6 month. I left them because I had to take a VPS. Their price is also cheaper.

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    Nice review (well written too.) Glad to see things went well with them, and it's great to hear you're taking the next step (:

    Good luck in the future.

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    Your English 7/10, better than some Americans.
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    I was also with MellowHost for a short period and have nothing but nice things to say about their services and support.

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