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    Advice on Web Server Rendudancy through DNS

    Hi, I am very new to hosting, so please bear with me. I have set up my own private hosting box IIS 7.5 and WebsitePanel. I am concerned that if my box goes down all my customers websites go down with it.

    The main server is configured on 5 static IPS and I have the name servers on the domain registrants site pointing to my two locally held name servers. and, there are also two Glue records at the registrant that point these name servers to 81.XXX.XXX.1 and 81.XXX.XXX.2, both these IP addresses are held on one physical server.

    I have another box running at a seperate location that has one dynamically assigned IP address from the ISP. What I would like to do is set up a third name server at the registrant to point via some DDNS service to the second machine at the other building. As this is dynamic, I couldnt add a glue record for this at the registrants control panel.

    Therefore if ns1 and ns2 fail because my main hosting box has failed and is off. NS3 (DDNS) will kick requests to the other server.

    I am not sure if what I am thinking about would or could work or quite how to achive it.

    Any help would be very warmly received.

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    Hmm I'm not sure if I understood you right but, why not get a static ip for your backup box?
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    ^^ Agreed. Don't even think about setting up a nameserver on a dynamic IP. There are plenty of external DNS services you can get cheaply or even free for a few domains if you don't want to handle this yourself.

    Quote Originally Posted by silenttalk View Post
    Therefore if ns1 and ns2 fail because my main hosting box has failed and is off. NS3 (DDNS) will kick requests to the other server.
    That's not how it works. All (3 in this case) nameservers must provide the same information, because any / all of them may be queried. If you want a failover system you need to monitor for downtime and change the A records as necessary. Again, many external DNS services will do this for you at a reasonable price.

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    In fact, for the most part, you will need static because dynamic will change either every time the modem / router is rebooted at the secondary location OR the ISP randomly may update the dynamic IP every so often.

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