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    Need Good VPS with GOOD Disk io

    Ok im with a mega budget VPS atm, i have like 1gb chdedicated ram and 50 gb storage for $5 a month! I cant really argue but the 14mb/s write speed is becomming an issue. I am now hosting a website for a friend and might want to host a minecraft server soon.

    I would like 1 - 2gb of ram
    around 50 gigs of storage as long as this can be increasesd
    1 - 2 IP addresses.

    Maybe a free control panel licence, though i use ispconfig and i find that good for free for what i use

    EU hosted preffered but i can like with US if the price is right.

    As cheap as possible, im not looking for wonders here just better disk I/O.

    Thanks guys

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    buyvm has good disk i/o

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    Quote Originally Posted by WebHostX View Post
    buyvm has good disk i/o
    Their always sold out though
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    Good prices XD, know of any companies that are actually in stock? :p

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    If you're going to host a Minecraft server, I'll recommend a Xen based VPS. Heavy Java doesn't work too well on an OpenVZ VPS.
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