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    how to protect my vps from ddos and bruteforce attacks?

    Hello everyone,

    Can you teach me more how to harden my security? To prevent ddos and bruteforce attacks?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Have you tried csf?

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    This is one of those topics you need to do a ton of research on, nobody can just say "click x then type z" and then your server will be secure.

    All I can say is check out CSF.
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    Hello everyone,

    im having a problem with FTP, if i enabled CSF we cant access FTP, but if its disable, we can access FTP. thats why..

    Thank You!

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    If you use webmin, there's a nice webmin module for csf that makes setup a breeze.

    That said, you may also want to consider fail2ban, which is a log-based brute-force blocker. You can find at RPMforge for CentOS/RHEL, or in the Debian/Ubuntu repos.
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