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    When will eNom release the domain after expiry?


    I am looking for a domain to release which has expired. It has been more than 70 days now since it's expiry. Currently it is in 'pendingDelete' state.

    Normally what is the total duration eNom takes to release a domain after the expiry date if it is not renewed?


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    This information is straight from Enom:

    When a domain expires through us, it becomes inactive immediately, a parking page is displayed, and all the services attached to it, such as a website and/or email cease to function. It is not possible to make any updates to the domain while it is expired. The domain will remain available for reactivation at your regular domain rate under your list of Expired Domains. To reactivate an expired domain, please see the article, How to Renew Domains (including Bulk Renewal).
    Currently, we offer a non-guaranteed 29-day grace period for renewal for many TLDs. Each registry has different rules for their grace periods. There is no guaranteed grace period. Once a domain expires, we may dispose of it at any time according to the registration agreement. After the grace period elapses, the domain may go into a Redemption Grace Period (see Definitions of Redemption and Pending Delete).
    here are two different forms of Redemption. After a domain expires and passes through any applicable renewal grace period, the domain may have a status of Redemption Grace Period (RGP) or Extended Redemption Grace Period (ERGP). There is a fee to restore your domain from either Redemption status and it is not discountable. This fee is in addition to the domain renewal fee. To process a Redemption order, please follow the instructions in the article, How to Recover Domains in Redemption Status.

    RGP domains may stay in your account for up to 30 - 42 days after any applicable expiration grace period has lapsed. After the RGP period has lapsed, they are deleted from our system and go into a 5-day Pending Delete status at the registry. Domains in Pending Delete status cannot be recovered. At the end of the Pending Delete status, the domain is deleted by the registry and is available for anyone to register as a brand new name. In order to greatly increase your chances of being the first to re-register the name, we recommend that you create an account with our aftermarket partner, NameJet.

    ERGP domains may stay in your account for up to 90 days after any applicable expiration grace period has lapsed. After the end of the ERGP period, if you do not exercise your rights to recover the domain, you agree that you have abandoned the domain name services, and relinquish all rights and use of the domain name services per the registration agreement. There are typically no plans to drop or auction the domain at that time. The name will be deleted from your account, and the previous registrant data will be removed from the whois. We may auction, sell, delete or dispose of the name at any time. You will not have an opportunity to recover the domain once the 90-day ERGP timeframe has lapsed. If you are interested in a domain you previously owned, we suggest you visit the domain to see if it may be listed as for sale by the owner. If not, you can do a whois lookup on the domain at, and email the current administrative contact. If they utilize the ID Protect service, your email will be forwarded to the underlying email address. Keep in mind, if they are not interested in selling, you may not receive a reply.
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    It seems to me that it will be reasonable to contact them directly and ask their support team.

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    If it's pending delete it will drop 6 days after it entered pending delete status. You should be able to tell from the whois when the domain was last updated (in the last few days).
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    Thanks everyone & stub - thanks for the specific answer.

    Which timezone is considered - GMT/UTC OR PST?

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    I'm not sure, but it is an American Time Zone for most domains (.com etc)
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    Thanks stub. Based on your input, I watched for it today which was to expire today my time early morning.

    Luckily - I got the domain and registered it. Thanks again everyone.

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    I have a similar question about eNom. A domain I am interested in expired Jan 21, and is now showing as pending delete. It has been in pendingdelete for well over 10 days (the domain has a last updated date of Feb 22).

    Any suggestions as to when this domain will really be deleted so I can pick it up?

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    If it's a .com, it cannot be in Pending delete for 10 days. Most registrars operate in about the same time-frame for .coms. They either pay for the renewal out of their own pockets or request a refund on day 45 after expiry. If they request a refund, then it goes into Registry Redemption for 30 days and then 5 days Pending Delete. On day six it gets deleted. You do the math as to when the domain your watching is deleted.
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    @stub, thanks for the info, but I can tell you, it definitely has been more than 5 days in pendingdelete, and it still is as of today.

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    really in pendingDelete ? You get this information from main part whois (Verisign) or from registrar whois part ? PendingDelete is really 5 days, and 6th day domain will be deleted - every domain, every time.

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    say what TLD it is, and what website you are using to check the information
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    Why not to contact them directly and ask about this?

    I am sure that they will explain you everything you may need to know.

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    It's a .com, and I am checking the whois info directly on the website. And it's still showing pendingdelete today.

    I will try contacting enom, but they haven't been very helpful in the past. Background: I was reseaching domain names a few months ago (trying to name our startup) and came across the particular domain in question. Tried to contact the owner to see if it was for sale, and realized the contact info was clearly invalid (bogus telephone number, bogus email address (that ended in .con <--- that's a "N", not a "M"). I reported this to enom and they didn't do anything even though they clearly should have taken action.

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    OK, I just checked verisign's whois, and they show it as still in redemptionPeriod. So for some reason, enom, the registrar for this domain, is showing pendingdelete while the domain in question is really still in redemption period.

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    Domain redemption can typically last 30-60 days, and then pending delete sometimes an additional 30. You're likely looking at at least 90 days to be able to re-register.

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    I'm also wondering whats going on:

    Enom whois says for a domain:

    Status: pendingDelete
    Updated-Date: Aug 02, 2011 03:11:55 PM
    Created-Date: Jun 21, 2006 01:15:22 PM
    Registration-Expiration-Date: Jun 21, 2011 01:15:22 PM

    and Verisign whois:

    Status: redemptionPeriod
    Updated Date: 02-aug-2011
    Creation Date: 21-jun-2006
    Expiration Date: 21-jun-2011

    Any ideas when the domain will become available for re-register?

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    i registered some . com and . net domains with them via namecheap, when they expired, they deleted the . net domains and kept the . com ones, ha, they humor me, I've since call it a lost and went elsewhere.

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    Yes, They Can Probably Release The Domain After Some Days Of Expiry , But You Can Use The As They Will not Release The Domain They Will Hold Them And Also they are Enom Resellers.

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