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    Are we ready for a dedicated server

    Hello everyone!

    I am a .Net developer and am fairly new to the php, wodpress, server world. I was hoping to get some honest opinions on our sever stats and possible recommendations on how to proceed.

    Our website is getting on average 4k-5k page views a day. It is currently on a 2GB memory VPS plan hosted with Hivelocity.

    We have WP-Super Cache installed, but our biggest problem with load times is due to our ads. Lately the site has been experiencing down time due to MySql timing out also.

    Last month our site did 249.67 Gig in bandwidth. Our mysql process is constantly at 10-30%.

    We would also like to add a forum, but I do not know if the site could even handle the extra traffic.

    Does the following stats indicate that we need to possibly upgrade? How many page views do most php/mysql web sites get before its time for dedicated? Not trying to start any wars, but would switching to .Net help the problem?

    Thanks in advance,

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    With a 30% mysql process, I'd say you're ready for a small to mid sized dedicated, 4-8 gigs of ram or so to allow for more expansion. You could add some more ram to the vps which might help but one you pass 4gb it's usually worth it to go dedicated anyway.

    Really the page views have nothing to do with it, every site is different. The best indicator that you should switch is the load that you're seeing.

    Switching to .NET would of course involve reprogramming your whole site which I'm sure you don't want to do, and probably wouldn't be much faster anyway.
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