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    Using logo,s for my hosting site


    I am building my hosting reseller website.I would like to know about using logo,s for wordpress,joomula etc to put on my front index page.What the general rule of thumb for this about permission.

    Many Thanks

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    I would suggest you cover yourself by approaching each company and asking for there permission and for them to send you an official copy of the logo.
    Man are happy to do so.

    You will also need to alter your copyight information in the footer of your site.
    For example "Copyright My Website 2010. The wordpress logo is copyright wordpress, etc etc"
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    Thanks crj for a reply on this matter.....i was thinking along those lines but just wanted to make sure...

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    I'm pretty sure that as both Joomla and WordPress are licensed under GPL, you're free to use the logos as you like as long as you attribute them to the proper project.

    Since you want to do just that, I can't imagine that there would be a problem.
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    yes i see countless logos out there being used if it is licensed software you may need to resister as a partner first but otherwise you should be fine

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