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    * ServInt: Save 50% on our Award-Winning VPS and SuperVPS!

    Receive 50% off ANY of our upgraded VPS or SuperVPS lines for your first month!

    We've just added nearly half a PETABYTE of storage to our VPS and SuperVPS lines, significantly increasing the diskspace on our most popular packages at NO EXTRA COST! See below for more info and specs!

    Who We Are

    Since 1995, ServInt has been at the forefront of managed webhosting. As a pioneer in dedicated hosting and VPS technology, we’ve been able to offer customers a truly one-of-a-kind, premium managed hosting experience for over 15 years. From the powerful entry-level Essential VPS with expanded disk space to our latest Solo Series Dedicated solutions, ServInt gives your business room to grow!

    No Excuses, Switch to the Best and get 50% off your first month of service!

    UPGRADED VPS and SuperVPS: With the code WELCOME at checkout, you'll receive 50% off ANY UPGRADED VPS or SuperVPS for your first month!

    Click here to order now!

    Why ServInt?

    We have just added nearly half a petabyte of disk space across our entire VPS line and on our powerful SuperVPS! Best of all, we've done it at no additional cost to our customers! This marks the 11th free package increase ServInt has provided its VPS customers.

    Our VPS platform is a powerful combination of CentOS Linux, Parallels Virtuozzo, and more than 50,000 lines of proprietary, continually optimized code. A ServInt VPS is fast, powerful, and expertly managed. With data centers on the East and West Coasts of the United States, and our powerful ServInt network connecting all our locations, customers all over the world can take advantage of our premium bandwidth and extensive network connections knowing their VPS and SuperVPS is closer to their audience.

    ServInt is committed to ensuring its hardware and software is competitive as technology progresses. In addition to increasing storage by nearly half a petabyte, in recent months we have also doubled RAM, and increased bandwidth on each of our VPS packages at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!

    With frequent, free upgrades to ALL VPS and SuperVPS customers, you're never left behind with ServInt.

    Every VPS and SuperVPS product is a true Enterprise-class server.

    Our Enterprise Class Solutions

    We've increased disk space across our VPS and SuperVPS lines:

    Essential VPS
    30 GB Disk Space
    Now with 50 GB Disk Space!
    1 TB Monthly Transfer
    768 MB Guaranteed RAM (1.5 GB Burst RAM)
    Only $24.50! ORDER NOW!

    Signature VPS
    45 GB Disk Space
    Now with 75 GB Disk Space!
    1.5 TB Monthly Transfer
    1.5 GB Guaranteed RAM (3 GB Burst RAM)
    Only $44.50! ORDER NOW!

    Ultimate VPS
    60 GB Disk Space
    Now with 100 GB Disk Space!
    2 TB Monthly Transfer
    2 GB Guaranteed RAM (4 GB Burst RAM)
    Only $64.50! ORDER NOW!

    75 GB Disk Space
    Now with 100 GB Disk Space!
    4 TB Monthly Transfer
    4 GB Guaranteed RAM (8 GB Burst RAM)
    Only $99.50! ORDER NOW!

    Performance matters. The ServInt Network.

    A ServInt VPS is fast, ingeniously and securely managed, and backed by a reputation we work tirelessly to maintain. Our Managed Services Team takes their work seriously and personally, striving to provide the fastest, most efficient PROACTIVE support in the industry.

    ServInt's cross-country network, coupled with our series of state-of-the-art data centers on the East and West coasts leave the competition in the dust. Want proof? Use the links below to traceroute, ping, or simply test a download from ServInt LA or ServInt DC (pardon the look, we're working on making them prettier):

    Speed test ServInt LA

    Speed test ServInt DC

    Our Special WHT Offer:

    UPGRADED VPS and SuperVPS: With the code WELCOME at checkout, you'll receive 50% off ANY UPGRADED VPS or SuperVPS for your first month!

    Click here to order now!

    ServInt's Green Hosting initiative:

    Click here for information on our Green Initiative. Our entire VPS line is augmented by a massive carbon offsetting program, a large-scale tree planting campaign and an advanced recycling program. This is in addition to our continuous implementation of energy efficient technologies in both our hosting and our administration.

    At ServInt, we feel we have a responsibility to better serve and preserve.

    Come join the ServInt family and help make a difference.

    ServInt. Managed Hosting Made Better.

    Contact [email protected] or call 1-800-5-SERVINT (1-800-573-7846). If you would like to place an order, please use the links provided above or visit for many more products and options.
    Eric Morales
    Business Communications Manager
    ServInt | Like us on Facebook!
    Managed Hosting Made Better

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    this is good

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    I find this offer very missleading - when I goto your site to order the price for the Signature VPS is actually $89 per month not $44.50- so your quoting the 50% discount price for 1 month under the plan then you state to add the code at checkoutout for 50% off 1 month...

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    this is good

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    I want to buy but Offshore..
    Is it offshore?

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    it's good.

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    i got "the promotion code is invalid"

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    I am interested in your Essential VPS plan and would like to know the following;

    1)What city and state are the actually machines in?

    2)How much is each addition proxies?(I give away a free 1 years hosting and a free website to build a list and would need about 50IP to do this effectively)

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    I am already a satisfied customer of Servint and has been with Essential VPS plan for several months, wish to upgrade to Signature plan. Is these any coupons or promotions available for plan upgrade?

    tarmizi.ramly "alt" gmail dot com

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    Can you offer a recurring discount on your Signature VPS ?

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    We have data centers in Northern Virginia and Washington DC Metro Area (known as ServInt DC) and in the Los Angeles, California Metro Area (what we call ServInt LA).

    Contact us at Sales at ServInt dot com, our sales team will work with you to try and find a solution that fits your needs.

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