SeeksAdmin is seeking an exemplary admin to join our sales team. You should be friendly, motivated, and productive in non-micromanaged environment. While we're mainly seeking applicants in the NYC area to work locally in Williamsburg, Brooklyn - for this positions we will consider well qualified applicants located anywhere else in the US.

Requirements - Applicants not meeting these will not be considered at this time.
  • Must speak fluent English (preferably as a first language.)
  • Exhibit excellent communication skills
  • Level 2 Linux or Windows Administrator
    (We need sales reps that know what they are selling.)
  • Driven to build external relationships
  • Sales, Marketing, Affiliate Marketing experience ideal
  • 21 Years+ (To attend some events.)

Duties & Compensation - If you have questions regarding the specifics of this positions contact us. This position is paid hourly. An ideal candidate will have the opportunity to advance to a management position.

To Apply:
Email - [email protected] ( Please no PMs, IMs, or live chat requests! We are very busy. )
Subject: SA Employment

Please provide your full name, resume, contact info, experience level, salary requirements and references.

Kind Regards.