Ezeelogin has announced the release of the much awaited Ezeelogin Version5(V5). V5 comes loaded with several new features that would delight everyone for its ingenuity, efficiency and of course security. As before, Ezeelogin has kept the promise of bringing forth new innovative features with every release,that would reduce costly system administration time thus increasing the profits in the highly competitive hosting business industry.

"V5 comes with a lot of additional boosters that would simply accelerate system administrative tasks by automating most of the common repetitive and monotonous task involved. It also brings with it a lot of clever contraptions that would enhance the security of servers like never before. With V5, ezeelogin becomes an indispensable tool for any professionally run hosting company" Said Ezeelogin Chief Architect & CTO, Mr. Sunjith P.S.

Some of the notable addons this time would be, switch user, that would automatically login to server as an unprivileged user and switch (su) to root. This would increase the security of servers with out the hassles of having to remember the password and execute su every time. Another time saver would be automated vps login, as it would login to virtual containers via hardware node instead of ssh. Also V5 comes with password less data center login, control panel login and remote console login that would enhance security. V5 comes with user expiry so that users accounts would expire automatically in a specified time interval or at a specified time in future. Authentication mechanism has been improved to include ldap based authorization and pam support so that users can be authenticated using pluggable authentication modules like rsa. Also, the Web panel UI has been enhanced to include AJAX based search and control panel auto-login. Lot of improvement has been made to parallel shell for faster execution of simultaneous commands and much more.

About Ezeelogin
Its a secure tool that would assist in administering and managing thousands of servers easily and efficiently by making the best use of existing human and hardwares resources thus maximizing time and money gains. Ezeelogin has it offices in India and LasVegas.