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  1. #1 and servers DOWN again?!?

    Anyone can reach or know what's going on down there in LA? their site cannot be connected. All phones are busy signal including their fax machine. I cannot connect to my server at calpop. Should have moved this last server LONG ago. CALPOP please respond if you are reading this!

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    Site's up for me.

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    Works from here. Try rebooting your cable modem.

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    I can confirm your report. Our equipment at Calpop went down on Thursday the 10th at 4:01PM PST. We sent a tech of ours as we could not reach Calpop support (their phones were down).

    Calpop confirmed that the building lost power. A fuse in the main electrical system blew and the generators failed to kick in. They assured us that this is a rare event. Normally when the fuses blow the generators kick in soon enough to take over for UPS.

    That's little consolation given this happened two days in a row in early Q4-2010.

    We recorded 56 minutes of downtime before network connectivity was restored. All of our equipment was confirmed to have lost power.

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