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    Is this legal???

    A prospective client owns a domain name that is the name of a long time apparel company with the .us extension. He wants to set up an amazon affiliate site to earn commisions on sales of the apparel company's products.

    EXAMPLE. main company
    Client owns wants to use amazon to sell levis and earn commisions

    Is this legal?

    Should I host or not?



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    If you're a host, lawyers from Levis may send you a DMCA takedown / Cease and Desist letter. For you, you are protected and the client would have to respond.

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    This would be legal until are you are served with either a request or order from the other company in the dispute

    However, if you are aware of this in advance then you can simply decline the customers request, thus avoid being included in any subsequent legal action
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    It is not legal.. their lawyers will eat you with many lawsuits..
    You'd better not start doing this thing. You can contact them and introduce your proposition.. they can agree.

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