Synopsis — The economic downturn of the past couple of years has hit everyone in some fashion, and charitable and non-profit organizations are no exception. When money is tight, one of the first discretionary items to leave many personal budgets is donations to charity. Non-profits and charities themselves need to make use of every possible means of soliciting donations, and one avenue that be overlooked is to use the Internet for fundraising.

In his article, “Charities In Changing Times,” Ross Dunn of Stepforth, provides information and inspiration to non-profits and charities looking to expand to the web or improve their web presence. The article is full of tips to help improve websites and ways in which to be found online, together with advice on connecting with potential donors through social media. As always, Ross includes notes on some useful tools and existing charitable websites as inspiration for your own forays into social media.

The complete article follows …

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