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    Site Migration from HSphere to cPanel?


    One of sites is currently hosted on a server using HSpehere control panel and I am planning to move the site to a new host offering cpanel.

    I think the in case of cPanel, the backup file import process checks for specific cPanel details when importing the backup file.
    What is the easiest way to migrate the site for my new host, if it is possible?


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    The easy way to avoid the issue would be , take the backup of your webfiles and databases. once you got your account created on cpanel server , restore the backup ( Non cpanel backup ) and restore the DB ( .sql format ) . This would be the easiest way . It is lengthy but it will avoid the issues.
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    Thanks eNetCloud.
    But are there any middle layers tools which basically translates HSphere settings to cPanel settings to avoid any issues in migration?

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    sorry cow, it's all manual! no way around it with h-sphere

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    The migration process is quite simple.

    In your HSPhere control panel go to your webshell (FTP) and download all of the available websutr files. The webshell may even allow you to easily create a .zip to download.

    For your DB, in the hsphere control panel, click on phpMyAdmin to open the database. Go to EXTRACT to create a .SQL backup of the DB files.

    So far u have a full backup of your files/DB

    Next in your new hosting control panel create a database & database user. Via that phpMyAdmin you can use INSERT to load your backed up .SQL file. Your DB migration is then complete.

    The files you have downloaded; these now need to be uploaded to your nee account. Again use CP webshell or an FTP program.

    Your DB and Files have now been migrated.

    You will no doubt need to change your websites configuration files so it recognises your new hosting database details.

    Finally, you need to change your domains NAMESERVER details so your domain points to your new hosting account.

    I hope that helps

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    If you've got access to the CP server all the info is in there in the HSphere PGSQL database. We're part way through some scripts to automate the data extraction, if I get round to it we'll be trying to assemble a cPanel backup file from the data as well, as we've got a number of accounts to move still.
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    Sorry for digging up an old thread. Karl, did you ever get those scripts done?
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