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    jQuery/Javascript PHP DNS lookup script

    Hello, this is our first project to post up for bidding and we anticipate many more projects in the future, so if we find a developer that is good at what they do we will probably stick with that person/company for the rest of our projects.

    Our first project is as follows, we run a Website Hosting company and would like to have a customized DNS lookup script that we can use and so can our customers to verify their dns settings, etc.

    We would like something similar to this DNS script here:

    We would also like to use mod_rewrite in Apache to achieve the following as well:

    Where we would be able to post links to customers as it shows above and it will show the DNS settings for the domain specified.

    We would like this script written in PHP using jQuery/AJAX or Javascript. PHP is not a requirement just a preference, so if you can do it in any other language that would be fine. We want to have it incorporated with jquery/ajax/java so that when a customer enters in their domain name the page does not have to reload it would just use jquery/ajax/java to load a simple loading graphic which can be obtained from this website:

    and then display all the DNS information.

    We did also find an open source PHP script that can be used to obtain all the DNS information needed, which can be downloaded here:

    email me at [email protected]

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    1. may we not use the sources you included?
    2. budget for the project?

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