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    WHMCS recurring payments question

    Ok I was using paypal as my recurring payment provider. Now I am paying paypal $30 a month for pro plan or whatever and $30 more for recurring payments. I don't want to pay that and have them taking 2% + $.30 per transaction. I was looking at other gateways and saw that I have a lot of other options. Now this is my question: how does WHMCS store the credit card info on my SQL database? if so how is it encrypted? Sorry to be so technical but I am in the US and want to make sure that I do not have to worry about being PCI compliant. If you store credit card info you have to be compliant and that costs $150 per month. Thanks for the info.

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    WHMCS Encrypts the credit card data using a random hash in your database. You can pull the card data from the database by using the hash that is read only by root (I believe) in the whmcs main folder.
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    $60 a month? That's ridiculous. WHMCS stores credit card numbers encrypted using a secret key which is a random generated string in your config file. From what I know WHMCS is fully PCI compliant so you don't have to worry about it.

    By the way if you're looking for a merchant account check out merchant express, I just signed up with them and it's going great so far. I don't pay more than 15 bucks a month and 25c + 2.05% per transaction.
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    You don't need to pay PayPal for their recurring service as WHMCS handles that for you. You just need a PayPal Website Payments Pro account.
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    WHMCS Recurring payment

    Love it. I use Quantum gateway to process recurring billings via CDG Commerce which is the best provider in my book since it is a flat $10 a month with no contract and a fair rate compares about the same as all the rest. PLus I notice I get my money about a day faster than I did with other providers. I quit offering paypal as an alternative because of too many issues and I don't really like paypal anyways after they saddled me with a 10% 90 day hold "rolling reserve" even though I'd been with them since 2001, processed well over 35k a year thru them and never had a chargeback or customer dispute in all that time. Not one. Since I quit offering them I haven't seen any loss in business because of it nor anyone ask me about taking paypal.

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