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    amperage requirements for apc 10kva's?

    We are looking at getting a few of these at work:

    Currently we have a single 16kva apc symetra and I hate it. It's only 3 years old and we have had to replace 4 batteries, 2 power modules, and BOTH intelligence modules. Personal opinions of reliability about either of the two products aside I am wondering what the amperage input requirements are for the 10kva's?

    Currently our Symetra has a 100amp 208v feed. From what I can gather about the 10k's is that they are 50amp feeds at 208v but I can't find any solid information about that figure.

    If anyone has hooked up or knows more about those 10k units if you could share what amperage is required for them. I'm hoping that when we remove the symetra we can simply get an eletrician to split the 100amp breaker into 2 50amp circuits. Hopefully we can save some money since all he has to do it pull the breaker and replace with 2 50amp breakers and wire the new UPS's accordingly, without having to run any new grounds or conduit.

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    If you look at the owners manual

    It puts the input around 50A but reccomends a 60A breaker at 240 Volt
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    We have 2 similar 10k apc ups's at work and they are on 50amp breakers each. Our electrican usaged gave us 6 guage wire, and it wasnt easy getting it wired into the ups's, so at least ours where more designed to take 8 guage.

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