Hi Everyone!

IOFLOOD.com is happy to announce our build-your-own VPS series. The base 1GB Ram Xen VPS costs just $14.99 / mo, and you can tweak any of the specs to suit your needs.

Why Choose I/O Flood?

  • I/O Flood is run by real systems administrators. We love servers, and we love bandwidth. As such, our VPS servers are intended for serious, high usage customers. Let our experts help you pick the best package for you and optimize your server for maximum performance.

  • Managed service available. We all get stumped and need some help from time to time. Our managed services are simple: ask us for help, we'll help you. The catch? We're sysadmins, not programmers, so we won't reprogram your buggy php scripts for you. We will optimize your server for you or other wise "fix stuff", or migrate your sites, or "whatever". Just ask. We don't bite.

  • What if you don't like our service? Then we don't expect you to pay us. We'll give you a refund, and you can find a new hosting provider, no hard feelings.

  • Contact us and we'd be happy to listen to your needs, work out what specs are best for you, and quote a price for it. We match your needs and your budget to come up with a custom package that best fits you. Or if we can't, we'll recommend someone else who can. We love doing this stuff, it makes us happy. So contact us, and we'll help you as best we can.

Base Plan:


1GB Dedicated Ram
25GB Raid 10 disk space
5mbps unmetered bandwidth (maximum 1,500gb / mo possible)
Burstable to 1 full cpu core. (1/4 core dedicated)

Only $14.99 / mo.

To order simply visit http://manage.ioflood.com/order/?form_id=2

Upgrades available:

  • 2GB -- $9.99 / mo
  • 3GB -- $19.99 / mo
  • 4GB -- $29.99 / mo

  • 10mbps (up to 3,000gb/mo) -- $4.99 / mo
  • 20mbps (up to 6,000gb/mo) -- $14.99 / mo
  • 50mbps (up to 15,000gb/mo) -- $44.99 / mo
  • 100mbps (up to 30,000gb/mo) -- $89.99 / mo

Disk Space:

  • 100GB -- $9.99 / mo
  • 200GB -- $19.99 / mo
  • 300GB -- $29.99 / mo

CPU / Processor

  • 1 Dedicated CPU core -- $9.99 / mo
  • 2 Dedicated CPU cores -- $19.99 / mo

Managed Services

  • Server Graphing (snmp) -- $2.00 / mo (see attachment for example graph)
  • Server Management (includes graphing) -- $14.99 / mo

Control Panel

  • Kloxo -- Free (32 bit os only)
  • Cpanel -- $14.99 / mo


  • R1Soft License + 100Gb backup space -- $19.99 / mo
  • R1Soft License + 200Gb backup space -- $29.99 / mo
  • R1Soft License + 300Gb backup space -- $39.99 / mo

Test IP:
Test URL: http://www.ioflood.com/100mbtest.bin
Terms of Service: http://ioflood.com/terms.php
FAQ: http://ioflood.com/faq.php

Servers are located in the state of the art PhoenixNap facility in Phoenix, AZ.

To order simply visit http://manage.ioflood.com/order/?form_id=2

or contact me directly:

Gabriel Ramuglia
email: gabe [at] ioflood.com
skype: funkywizard
phone: 702-482-8064[/QUOTE]

Need something different? Have Questions?

I'd be glad to help. Please email (support [at] ioflood.com) for a custom quote, or for friendly, helpful advice