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    * Hetzner EQ4 Server up for Transfer .... Only 65 .... Paid until 28 Feb !!

    Up for transfer is an EQ4 model from Hetzner.

    It has been with me since Feb 2010 and now available for immediate transfer. Its already paid up until 28 Feb 2011.

    Asking price is 65 and server will be transferred immediately to your account at Hetzner. Its all automated now at Hetzner.

    Steps :

    (1) Accept offer
    (2) I will create the "Transfer Token"
    (3) Under "robot", the Hetzner automation system, you start transfer by entering the token
    (4) Pay 65 to me by Paypal
    (5) I release the transfer from my account and server shows immediately under your control

    * New users can place order on Hetzner main site and select Transfer in it, which will create the automation system login for them

    Recurring Monthly cost of Server is 49 (VAT included) + Windows Web 2008 R2 License at 15 (VAT included)

    * Windows license can be removed by sending request to Hetzner Support

    So in 65 you get almost 15+ days of Feb + avoid the setup fees on new server

    Act now ... Email me [email protected]
    Verity By Nature - Administrator

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    Check ur Email

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    Verity By Nature - Administrator

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    Transfer ongoing with SmartieUser ... Please hold off sending emails
    Verity By Nature - Administrator

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    Server has been transferred. No more available.
    Verity By Nature - Administrator

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    just a matter of time, until we see the first day traders

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