To celebrate our 8th year in business, Freethought Internet is running a limited time buy one, get one FREE special offer on our 8 core dedicated servers powered by dual quad core Intel Xeon processors:

  • Eight core Intel Xeon dedicated server with 8GB of RAM - buy one get one FREE!
  • Dual quad core 2GHz Intel Xeon processors for a total of 8 true processor cores
  • 8GB DDR2 fully buffered RAM with Error Correcting Code (ECC) technology
  • 4x146GB 10,000RPM high speed enterprise grade SAS hard drives in hardware RAID
  • 2TB/month public data transfer on a 100Mbps switch port
  • Private unmetered data transfer for inter-server traffic on a dedicated NIC
  • CentOS 5 Linux (Other distributions available on request. Windows Server 2003/2008 available for an additional fee)
  • 99.95% SLA on network, power and cooling
  • Internal and external network monitoring
  • Managed firewall service on our Fortinet FortiGate cluster
  • 50GB R1Soft CDP managed backup space on our 11+TB RAID10 iSCSI SAN (additional space available on a per-GB basis)

You can now get TWO of these powerful servers setup and ready to go within 24 hours for just 175/month or 1750/year excluding UK VAT at 20% (total price 210/month or 2100/year including VAT). There is no set-up fee to pay and no minimum term when paying monthly. Take advantage of this great price and buy now via our secure online order form.

We will provide a private VLAN on a second NIC for unmetered traffic between the servers. Traffic between the servers can also be isolated via the managed hardware firewall cluster to provide a secure DMZ environment.

If the default specification of the server doesn't suit your exact needs then we would be happy to customise the hardware to suit your custom requirements. These particular chassis can take up to 32GB of RAM as well as up to 8x1TB 2.5" 7,200RPM SATA or 8x600GB 2.5" 10,000RPM SAS hard drives. If you need more than this chassis can provide, then we have servers with up to 48x 2.3GHz processor cores and 256GB of RAM available.

Please feel free to PM or e-mail me if you require a custom specification, are ordering more than one server or if you have any questions.

About us and our servers
We are an established, VAT registered UK business that has been providing hosting services since 2003 and a Limited company since 2006. We have our own rack space and run our own redundant BGP network to give us full control over the service that we provide.

These servers are located in the N+1 redundant Tier-III BlueSquare House data centre in Maidenhead (just outside of the M25) and connected to our own, redundant BGP network; AS41000.

Network connectivity and managed firewalls
We provide you with a block of public IP addresses on your own private VLAN. By default we provide 5 usable IP addresses on a /29, but this can be increased as necessary subject to RIPE justification for extra IP addresses.

We also provide you with a managed virtual instance on one of our Fortinet Fortigate hardware firewall clusters. These Fortinet VDOM virtual instances are best described as virtualisation for firewalls and so can provide completely flexibility with firewall settings that mean they can also be used for IPSec, SSL and/or PPTP VPN connectivity for connectivity to both site-to-site VPN endpoints and remote access connections for home workers etc. without being constrained by the configuration of other managed firewall customers.

If you require your own dedicated firewall or firewall cluster rather than a virtual instance on a shared cluster, then we can provide you with either a dedicated Check Point Firewall-1/VPN-1 NGX appliance or a dedicated Fortinet FortiGate unit.

Server management
These servers are unmanaged by default, but we can provide a semi-managed or fully-managed service on request where we look after everything to do with your service including the patching and security of the operating system and associated applications using our own in-house Windows and Linux administrators.

As part of this we also provide you with pro-active monitoring of your service where we will monitor, investigate and resolve anything that we find as well as any break/fix and troubleshooting technical support as you need. This service starts at 100/month per server depending on your needs, please contact us for more details.

Software licensing
We can provide a range of software licenses for your server, including Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server as well as control panels such as Parallels Plesk, cPanel/WHM, Enkompass and DirectAdmin.

As an example, Windows Server 2008 Web Edition is 10/month/processor socket and SQL Server 2008 Web Edition is 15/month/processor socket. This is a dual socket server so two licenses are required. These versions are suitable for powering public facing web-sites, however the license prevents them from being used for applications such as a CRM.

Managed backups
We offer a fully managed backup service either on-site with these servers in the BlueSquare House, Maidenhead data centre facility or alternatively off-site in the Kent Science Park F25 data centre facility. We are members of the R1Soft Hosting Partner Program and use the R1Soft Continuous Data Protection (CDP) software as part of our managed backup service. This is the same software that we use to backup our own in house servers every 30 minutes to minimise data loss.

These servers include 50GB of managed backup space on our 11+TB RAID10 iSCSI SAN located in BlueSquare House. Additional backup storage space can be provided as needed on a per-GB cost. You can keep archive copies of the point-in-time snapshots of your server indefinitely as long as you have enough storage space on your account to hold them, or we can configure your account to rotate the backups as you need.

The R1Soft CDP software provides server wide backups via advanced differential snapshot technology which tracks the changes of disk blocks between backup jobs as well as providing integration with Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) and VSS SQL Writer Service to allow consistent point in time backups of Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange etc. without any data loss.

The VSS SQL Writer Service allows the CDP backup agent to signal the SQL Server database to flush all changes to the disk before a snapshot is taken in order to ensure that the on-disk database structure is coherent. There is also a CDP plugin for MySQL on Linux which similarly allows consistent snapshots and backups of the MySQL databases by flushing the MySQL data to disk thus guaranteeing point in time consistency and on disk data integrity.

Both individual files or folders as well as individual tables from MySQL databases can be restored from an easy to use web based interface. There are also control panel integration plugins to allow end users in a web hosting environment to restore backups of their files through a self service interface.

For extra security, the backup data can be encrypted before it leaves your server so that it is securely transmitted across the network as well as being stored in a way that even we cannot access the data without your decryption key.