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    Question about WHMCS & using Multiple Reseller Companies

    Ok, so I've narrowed down my search for reseller providers to three different companies.

    I'd like to try all three, and I know I can have WHMCS setup to where accounts can be setup with all three through one website, however my question comes into end user support.

    All three companies offer end user support, is it possible that through WHMCS I can have the support system send the tickets to the respective companies?

    Server A --> all tickets go to Innohosting
    Server B --> all tickets go to EZPZ
    Server C --> all tickets go to Othio

    Thanks for any help you can provide, and I realize that Othio only offers clientexec, however I have seen that it can be integrated into WHMCS.

    If this is possible it would make my decision making process so much easier.

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    I think the easiest way to do this would be to have three separate departments, one for accounts at each webhost. You may be able to tweak the WHMCS templates so that a "server" dropdown in the submit ticket page will submit the ticket to the appropriate department/end-user support API, however I'm not sure how easy this would be to accomplish.
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    This could be done depending how the End user Support is handled. I guess you could edit the 'submit ticket' templates to either force the tickets to the correct department based on the server they are installed on or allow them to choose a department name that is coordinated to the server/service.

    I think the first option would be less confusing to a client.

    **edit** Yeah, what he said above! Didn't see your response when I clicked submit!

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    Innohosting uses a custom integrated system to handle end user support. Their system edits the WHMCS template files in such a way that you don't handle tickets through WHMCS, you have to use their end support desk. Therefore it seems to me that you would not be able to use one WHMCS installation to handle support for all 3 companies.
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    Normally you would just give different login's access to different queue's. The tricky part would be the fact that the primary "technical support queue" would be shared.
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    The main thing I want to avoid in this endeavor is the need to make three different brands essentially managing three different companies. I'd like to accomplish this if possible to keep everything under one domain/company.

    Maybe the best idea would be to check with a WHMCS add on developer/programmer? and get into a convo with Othio/Inno/EZPZ, myself and said developer?

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