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    Virpus after 3 months

    The good -- inexpensive, worked great till the great crash!
    Actually went and got a second one just for a test platform for a client. It was a short term test I didnt want on a production server.

    The bad -- Since the crash, nothing good -- was 2/3 b4 my control panel was installed, I still cannot access the server, from the control panel it looks like its up, but cant login to it -- even the up for everyone type sites say its down. This has been reported to support, now 4 days more with no server.

    The good -- I did get credit for one month on one server, and 2 months on the other one.

    At this time I would be hard pressed to recommend them to anyone, I do hope this gets turned around because the first 2 months I was there were superb, fast and problem free!
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    It just seems since the mad disaster obviously some things need clearing up, nothing is sorted fast.

    However they will pull it off, am sure of it, just need time to do some things, I know how it feels.

    Otherwise, nice to see a positive review, they have done wonders for me in the past.

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