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    I need the managed server in EU

    I am looking for a managed server in EU, preferrably Germany or NL. I need something like this that i've already found with one host:

    2x Intel Xeon E5320
    8x 1.8 GHz
    8 GB DDR2 800 MHz
    2x 73 GB SAS
    3000 GB/m
    Offsite backups
    Fully Managed
    Price: 110 Euro/month

    This is a great price and they say they offer 24/7 support but their chat was offline when i checked and there is no number to dial.

    I need the true 24/7 english speaking support. Please recommend if you know where i could find something like this.

    Thank you

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    For true, 24/7 English speaking management you're going to have to increase your budget, I am sure.

    Otherwise, i'd just browse the WHT Dedicated Server Offers section and see what providers are available in your preferred area and compare prices and deals.

    You may have to settle for no support, if you're dead set on that configuration. Or you may have to settle for a lesser configuration to get support. I doubt you'll get both for the price you want to pay, and if you do, don't expect the quality of either to be phenomenal.
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    watch out many in EU have contracts like 2 years, special Germany, just a tip
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    I would like to stay around 100 euros but i could go with a bit lighter server configuration.

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    For that price you really can't expect getting a fully managed box and get 24/7 support, sorry
    Double the budget and go for a nice quad core or triple the budget and get a nice dual CPU setup. Be reasonable here you have experience now with the price you paid and what you got.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ServerBoost View Post
    For that price you really can't expect getting a fully managed box and get 24/7 support, sorry
    Agreed. Quality management alone will cost you about 75 - 100 euro for a simple setup, not taking into consideration server hardware and license fees. Your Business deserves our Quality - Experts on Hand since 2005. Europe & US locations, we operate our own network AS35017
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    It might help if you specify what you consider as managed, as you may be able to survive on what many hosting companies provide as standard.
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