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    Arrow Coffee vending machine -web design notgoing


    this is elavarasu.I am a junior web i am working in a desigining as well as developing recently i had face one problem.the problem was that,I didn't know the scripting languages. I have very knowledge in photoshop,html,css and little bits of javascript.i have very knowledge to make a static webpage.

    but , my client requirement is flash with action scripts ,xhtml,dhtml .because he took projects in decration point of view.

    do you have know any ideas for flash and xhtml?

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    Unless the project is of high value, I simply wouldn't bother...

    Explain to the client that Flash is slowly dying for bigger and better things (HTML5)... New devices such as the ipad and other devices are no longer incorporating flash...

    Rather than just say 'no we can't do this' - Tell them 'Yes we can do this, however we'd prefer to use ____'
    - Because at the end of the day, websites exist to get a task done - and it doesn't really matter about the specific language so long as the task gets done...
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