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    How to inject to PHP file

    My wordpress index.php has just been compromised. There was this iframe code. Can someone show me how this could happen? How do people do Cross-site scripting (XSS)? If I know how the attacker do, I should be able to prevent it, right?

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    Your best bet is to monitor your access logs. You'll see the requests being sent to your site. Has your WordPress been kept up to date? If not, that might be how your site was hacked.

    Also, be certain that all of your plugins, etc. are kept up to date as well.

    Are you using phpmyadmin? You guessed it! Update that too.

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    Additionally, check your ftp-logs because it is possible that your FTP account might have been compromised and was able to upload the malware/trojan content in the web space.
    Modify your FTP Passwords.
    Check your desktop computer with some antivirus software for malware/trojan's
    Update your desktop OS and browser if needed.
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