Hello WHTer,

We are currently looking for passionate International Sales / Customer Service Staff to help drive sales and improve customer satisfaction.

Must be:
-at least 18 years old
-Good command of English and other languages a plus (ie. German, Spanish, Chinese etc.)
-Reliable & Responsible person
-Experience in hosting industry is preferred

Your Role:
You are expected to develop sales lead through various channels and man the live sales chat on agreed shift. As you progress in your role your creative idea should help us develop unique hosting services to give us competitive advantage, by then you will be promoted as Manager and unlock more benefits.

Salary is initially commission based, we are open for regular monthly salary plus commissions as we go along.

QuickWeb is a fast growing Web and VPS Hosting company based in New Zealand, We offer niche VPS plans in multiple locations all over the globe, generally our plans can sell on their own so finding sales lead should not be a challenge therefore you can expect generous commissions.

To apply:e-mail only send your CV/Resume to rg(at)quickweb.co.nz and on your cover letter write short paragraph explaining how you can contribute to our sales team.