HostingRQ reseller hosting offers fully featured and scalable accounts with rock solid allocations. No unrealistic resource restrictions or hidden terms to prevent you or your clients from using your space and or allocated bandwidth. Very liberal resource limits that can handle high space/high traffic sites with ease under most circumstances. get what you pay for guaranteed.

Our reseller accounts include Cpanel/WHM, Softaculous Scripts Installers, Litespeed web server and full user and server level security implementations. Hosted on nothing but premium Intel hardware with gbit ports everything from network, hardware and on down to software is best possible. We do not overcrowd our servers or oversell our space. However we do allow realistic overselling for our resellers, Most other permissions granted as well such as SSH access and SSH access for users.

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Reseller A- $12.95 Monthly
5 GB Diskspace

100 GB Bandwidth Transfer

Unlimited Account Featured

Host upto 20 Accounts

Reseller B- $21.95 Monthly
10 GB Diskspace

150 GB Bandwidth Transfer

Unlimited Account Featured

Host up to 50 Accounts

Reseller C | Semi-Dedicated- $49.95 monthly

15 GB Diskspace

300 GB Bandwidth Transfer

Unlimited Account Featured

Unlimited Host Accounts

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