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    How do you gain your reputation back up when you lose it?

    How would you gain it if new clients won't sign up? What's the best way? Be helpful in public or work on your site more or what?
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    There's no trick to building your reputation. It's all about giving your customers what you promised and providing quality service day in and day out. If you do that, the word of mouth and reputation will come.
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    Life would be so much easier if a trick was available but I see what you mean now. I don't know why I asked this question in the first place.
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    I know of some that simply hid who they were and buried their past, but it eventually catches up to them. Sometimes it's a slip, others a past associate that's gotten mad at them and exposed them...and so on.
    Confession is good for the soul, and is better than getting found out.

    We've had a few here on WHT that messed up, and faced it head on. Took the hit, admitted mistakes and came back to be helpful and honest. "Manned up" as it were, and that gained them a lot of respect, even in light of past transgressions.
    That certainly gets my attention, as it shows maturity, even if newly found.
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    As bear says, the best thing that you can do is to acknowledge your mistakes, explain what you're going to do differently, and move on. The ones that try to bury it are just asking for trouble.

    On another note... a reputation takes years to build up, and can be destroyed in minutes, so always keep that in mind as you build your business.
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    Well said..

    There really is no quick way of building reputation other than doing a stellar job helping your customers.
    Make good on your promises and if possible do more than you promise (also don't promise too much)
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    Time, that is what you need if you have a bad reputation - stick at it and eventually you'll earn yourself good reputation back (unless you're obviously providing a poor service! ).
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    Agreed. Man up and admit to the mistakes. Don't walk away from your mistakes. Learn from them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by M Bacon View Post
    Agreed. Man up and admit to the mistakes. Don't walk away from your mistakes. Learn from them.
    Definition: mis·take (m-stk)
    1. An error or fault resulting from defective judgment, deficient knowledge, or carelessness.
    2. A misconception or misunderstanding.

    What you did wasn't any of that. You were repeatedly and explicitly insulting your client (, which is generally considered the utmost demonstration of unprofessionalism.

    Reputation is something that takes years to build up, and can be destroyed in a split second. That's exactly what you did, and people just aren't going to forget about it any time soon. Quite frankly, I would be surprised if a reputation driven business would survive after all that..

    I understand that you said those things in the heat of the moment (and it's completely irrelevant whether or not you were right or not), but you just don't say those kind of things. Especially not in writing, on the internet - but also just not in any business whatsoever.

    Reputation is something you need to earn, you won't just "get it back" - once it's gone, it's gone and once you've recovered you can basically start out from scratch. But even then, people are still going to find this stuff in Google, it won't go away. Just to give you an idea.. people are even talking about this matter on foreign forums.

    The only thing you can do is some damage control. Indeed, primarily by admitting you've blatantly screwed up (and not just for forgiveness, but by actually realizing how messed up this was), and also by demonstrating professionalism at all times.

    By the way - I'm just stating my opinion, I do not intend any offense whatsoever.
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    As bear says and just posted on another thread

    The truth will make you free.

    Just expose anything open in public, explain clearly what happened and why it won't happen again.

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    rebranding your business might help. Learn from your mistakes and do things better. look at bing, seems like its working for them.
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    Accept what you have done or what has gone wrong, and try the best to make up for it and keep your clients happy.

    Build a close relationship with clients, in the long term it will help you and them, you will grow with many clients who will feel more as friends and will stick by you even when the tough is really tough.

    Honesty and keep up satisfaction.
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    @M Bacon - I don't think I can tell you anything that you don't already know. We all do stupid stuff from time to time, but when you man up to your mistakes, people are generally very forgiving. You asked what you can do to regain your reputation - from what I saw, work on your communication skills and change your attitude toward your clients (even the ones that make you want to pull your hair out). To your success going forward
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    This all depends on the actual damage to your reputation.

    Just like in real life, reputation has to be earned.
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    It all depends on the situation. If your reputation is tarnished in a public setting such as a forums like this or a popular review site it might be hard to recover from. Reason being it will always come up in a internet search for a company. It all depends on the amount of damage done and the severity of it.

    Now if this an issue of word of mouth it might have a little less of an effect in the long run and since there is no documentation you stand a better chance of recovery.
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