I'm currently looking for some work. If you need some remote hands at a datacenter in the Bay Area, I'll be available to help you out.

I will be able to take care of any maintenance you need done on your servers on site quickly and carefully. I am also very familiar with Linux as well as Windows Server. Need someone on site to deploy your servers/network? Need to replace some hardware? Feel free to send me a message!

Some of the major datacenters around here are:
  • Fremont Hurricane Electric - Fremont, CA
  • San Jose CRG West MPT - San Jose, CA
  • San Jose Equinix SV1 - San Jose, CA
  • Palo Alto PAIX Switch&Data - Palo Alto, CA
  • Bay Area Internet Solutions - Santa Clara, CA

I am able to do work in most of the Bay Area, but I can provide quicker service if the city is closer to San Jose(I currently live in San Jose).

I am VERY flexible with rates.

Contact Information
Send me a PM
Skype: josephle07
Email: joseph[at]pewf.in