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    My hosting reviews

    Wanted to take some time to review hosting companies I presently have dedicated boxes with or have done business with in the past.

    I build websites and organically rank them (SEO). For maximum reliability and uptime I diversify by using various hosting companies.

    First a little rant about the ordering process and general provision issues:

    One of the biggest problems I face when starting a relationship with a hosting company is that now days they have a guilty until proven innocent attitude. I understand the hosting business model so I know where it's coming from. There is a very HIGH amount of fraud and chargeback associated with it. And then there's the abuse aspect of the service. So naturally they tend to be wary of new customers.

    I would just like to remind hosting companies that when these hallmarks are present with a new sales order, then MOST LIKELY its NOT FRAUD....(I said most likely not)

    a) Customer provides identity documents as requested (this is kind of getting out of hand now with companies requesting passport copies, front and back of CC, drivers license, utility statements, etc ... where does it stop??)

    b) Customer places the order using a corporate account/website which has been registered for many years as per whois records. The hosting company could even go as far as checking state records to verify a company's registration. It's fast, free, and most states have a website.

    c) There is nothing fishy about the order such as the customer wanting an exorbitant amount of IP space (to be used for spamming).

    d) If the payment is by Paypal, the customer used a verified account and billing method.

    e) Customer has chosen a long-term period (not a monthly) i.e. 3 months pre-paid.

    So that's my basic checklist when I order a server. I am sure the sales departments have a more thorough checklist. What surprises me is despite all of those things, and having been in this business for so many years I still have the occasional drama when ordering.

    Anyways, on to my review of hosting companies. No one has paid me or anything this based on my own experience:

    1) Ubiquity Hosting
    Had a server for about 6 months. Price was 9/10. Uptime was 10/10. Tech support was 8/10. Would recommend.

    2) Hivelocity Hosting
    Currently have a server. Price is great. Had some issues when migrating to their new portal. Tech support could be improved some. Con: They charge to reload OS. Would recommend.

    3) Rackvibe
    Had servers there. Uptime was about a 8/10. Tech support was about a 8/10 (slow to respond). Provisioning took up to 2 weeks in one case. Also, had some issues with a server having hardware failure but it was resolved. Not sure about their current state of operation. Price is good. Think they allow adult/IRC not sure though...Might recommend.

    4) Softlayer
    Currently have many servers and cloud instances there. 10/10 service, 10/10 reliability, and 9/10 pricing. Best all around host for me. Lightning fast provisioning. This host is a pleasure to work with. Definitely recommended.

    5) Rackspace
    Thought about getting servers there but wasn't a good fit due to pricing and managed structure. Not suited for me.

    6) The Planet
    Had a server there. Pricing was a 8/10. Uptime was 10/10. Tech support was 10/10. Something highly unusual happened though, when my server was provisioned and login information given to me, the hard drive contained a lot of personal files that belonged to its previous client. They forgot to format it :-(. Being a good netizen I reported it and took care of it. Has merged with Softlayer so I would recommend them.

    7) Galaxyvisions
    Had a server there. Uptime was 8/10. Tech support 9/10. Pricing 6/10. More of a customized specialty host. Would recommend.

    8) Netelligent
    Have a server there now. 10/10 uptime, 9/10 support, 10/10 pricing. Canadian host that knows what they are doing. Would recommend.

    9) Staminus
    Have multiple servers there now. 8/10 uptime, 9/10 support, 9/10 pricing. Good host and would recommend.

    10) Singlehop
    Have a server there now. 10/10 uptime, 9/10 support, 10/10 pricing. Good host and would recommend.

    11) Logicweb
    Have a server there now. 8/10 uptime, 8/10 support, 8/10 pricing. Would recommend.

    12) Hostgator
    Have some shared hosting and 1 dedi box there. 10/10 uptime, 9/10 support, 10/10 pricing. Would recommend.

    13) Pacific Internet Exchange (PIE)
    Had a server there. IPs provided were listed on Spamhaus. Matter of fact, the whole network was listed on Spamhaus I believe. Cancelled service shortly thereafter. Transactional e-mail could not be sent from the server due to blocks in place before I came along. Would not recommend.

    14) Wired Tree
    Ordered a server mistakenly thinking it was unmanaged. Terrible order verification drama. Got my money back and that was that. Since then they have had major downtime, see here. Would not recommend.

    15) Layered Tech
    Had a server there for a few months. 10/10 uptime and support. 9/10 Pricing. Would recommend.

    16) Netrack
    Had a server there. Support was slow to respond to tickets. After cancellation they charged me for 5 months worth of hosting totaling $695 (by mistake). Had to threaten to sue and chargeback to get my money back. Not a pleasant experience. Would NOT recommend.

    17) Keyway
    Had a server there. Good host, slow to respond, but will take care of things.

    Hope that helps someone!

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    Thank you very much for this, It will be very helpful in deciding my next purchase. Maybe do a second tier of reviews of smaller more personal hosting companies. Again, Thank you

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    Great reviews, will help the community a lot!
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    Thanks for that comparison Holyearth and for noting the sole Canadian host on the list.

    Very similar unpleasant experience with WiredTree verification. Didn't get much better after verification. WiredTree were horribly overrated. Their response to recent downtime has opened a lot of people's eyes though.

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    its very nice sharing would be very useful ,thanks for sharing

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    Lots of reviews Why you switch companies this much, or you run some global application so you need multiple locations?

    Overall, very positive, thanks for sharing.
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    Cheers for that, It's always nice to read the reviews from someone with experience of various services.

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    I think this is a very rare review where I could see 10+ hosts are reviewed. Very much appreciated. With out any doubt this would help people very much. Thanks for sharing.

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    Definitely a comprehensive review of many popular hosts and DCs. Thank you for the information.
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    Thanks a lot for the good amount of the reviews. I suppose they are useful.
    But in any case detailed review about each company will be much more useful.

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    Great review ! Informative to everyone who needs new host.They can go trough it before making a decision

    Do you mind posting a detailed review Individually in your free time? It would be more informative, if you post your experience in detailed.At-least with a few of them


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    Excellent information, thanks for sharing your experiences
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    Most providers have some good and bad moments.

    Wiredtree seems to be either loved or hated by the customers, like marmita:-)

    Might be too good, what is your opinion guys?

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    Hi Losvre,

    In this case, the customer order a server from by mistake and then was angry with us. They never even had service with us as. We even gave them a refund even though he wasn't due on per our terms, so to say this is a "review" of our services is very misleading. Had the OP read our web site and he would have seen that we don't offer unmanaged servers and would have saved himself the headache.
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    I love WiredTree. I have been extremely satisfied with their service and don't think I'll ever use another company until im able to manage things myself.

    I can break crap over and over and over, and each time they are there to fix it quickly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hungry4knowhow View Post
    I love WiredTree. I have been extremely satisfied with their service and don't think I'll ever use another company until im able to manage things myself.

    I can break crap over and over and over, and each time they are there to fix it quickly.
    How long have you been with them?

    Thanks for your input

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    Thanks for the reply

    You are on my list, when time comes:-)

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    Great review, thanks for sharing. It seems like it would be hard managing all those hosts at one time.

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