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    san angelo it jobs

    I'm looking for a job, help me find a good and decent job, preferably on the Internet! What do you recommend ??

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    Look in the offers section of this forum - sometimes companies post job offers there.

    You're not alone - who doesn't want to make money on the internet? The problem is finding a legitimate way to do that.
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    In San Angelo you'd be best looking to the state as they have a datacenter there for TX state official operations, I believe it is supported by 3rd party companies however, so you may need to look to the likes of NCR and Lockheed-Martin IT systems.

    you may also check out West Central Wireless and all their related co-op telcos as they have a vast area of coverage and need IT help often. their partner co-op area covers are very large area up to abilene and almost out to forth Worth, then down to Waco and pretty far out west of San Angelo as well. They have this area blanketed in true DSL for places they are a CLEC and wireless spectrum for those they are not.

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